Featured Art

Eric Sloane

Oil on Panel, 24 x 18 Inches



Featured Art

Kat Sawyer

A Life of Fashion,

Film & Fine Art

Friday, July 19th

5:00 - 7:00 p.m.


Featured Art

Laurence Sisson

Oil on Panel, 20 x 30 Inches



Michael Wigley Galleries

One of the three premier galleries on Santa Fe’s “Paseo,” Wigley Galleries are a treasured destination for serious art viewers and collectors.

By Gussie Fontleroy

  Significant to Santa Fe is the Paseo de Peralta loop; more exactly the curve extending two directions from Acequia Madre. Within a block and a half, three of the premier galleries in America command this important art district. For more than 35 years the famous Fenn Galleries, now Nedra Matteucci's, has held the keystone position on the Paseo. Within the last few years expansive Gerald Peters Gallery opened just to the north of Fenn and on the southern curve lies another of Santa Fe’s treasures, the Michael Wigley Galleries, Ltd.


  Owner Michael Wigley defines his primary market as focused on serious collectors for whom the gallery is an intentional stop. Lately, however, this particular curve of the street known locally as the Paseo has become a destination for an increasing numbers of serious art viewers and collectors.

  “Since the opening of the Gerald Peters Gallery- one of the largest retail fine art galleries in the world- and with the prominence of Nedra Matteucci's Fenn Galleries and Michael Wigley Galleries, Paseo de Peralta has established itself as one of the exquisite fine art loops in the United States,” comments art journalist Meredith Greenspan.

 Located at 1101 Paseo de Peralta, near the curve at Acequia Madre, the Michael Wigley Gallery is visible from Paseo de Peralta and shares the Paseo Loop with prestigious nearby gallery neighbors, Nedra Matteucci and Gerald Peters. Ample parking is behind the modern looking gallery at Halona Street and the Paseo.

 The gallery’s contemporary exhibition space is a spacious open concept gallery and Sculpture Patio. Historic paintings from the Estate of Eric Sloane, Museum paintings by Laurence Sisson and a host of renown contemporaries give the gallery a unique and exclusive inventory. Bronzes by the late Harry Jackson are also featured in the extensive collection.


Eric Sloane
Laurence Sisson
Harry Jackson
Kirsten Kokkin
Mavis Murphy
Jim Barker
Richard Schlecht
David Ballew
Don Brackett
Kirk Tatom
Michael Tatom
Bob Rohm
Hollis Williford

Kat Sawyer

Eric Michaels

Ramon Kelley

Allen Polt

Albert Hopkins

Kevin Van Wicklin-Ernesto

19th & 20th Century

Bettina Steinke
Ben Stahl
Paul Strisik
Leon Gaspard
B. J. O. Nordfeldt
Alfred Morang
Henry Balink
Freemont Ellis

Taos Society

Joseph Henry Sharp
Oscar E. Bernighaus
Ernest Blumenschein
Walter Ufer
Bert Phillips
Herbert Dunton
E. Martin Hennings
Eanger Irving Couse
Victor Higgins


Santa Clara
Santa Domingo